The "Test Runs" view enables you to view the statistics on past runs.
You can view a specific test and see the number of times it passed/failed and the average test duration.

Open the Test Runs

You have three different ways to get to the "Test Runs" view:

  • From your "Suite runs" view: Click on "Test run" tab. 
  • From your "Test list" view: Hover a test and click the "Test history" button on the right. 
  • From a specific "Suite runs" result: Hover a test and click the "Test history" button on the right. 

Test Runs view 

In the Test Runs, you will see the last runs for a specific test / all tests according to the selected filters.
In the graph, you'll see the duration of each specific test run.

The header comprises the summary of the results of all runs:

  • How many tests ran during the selected time
  • How many succeeded
  • The average duration of each run.

When you navigate to this screen from a specific test, you'll see the statistics for that test only.

Clicking on a specific test run will open that test run inside the Test Editor allowing you to drill down and see the test run details e.g. screenshots and duration of each step. 

Note: Runs you do directly from editor won't be shown here. 


Filtering allows you to look at the results that best suit your needs.
You can filter based on the following parameters:

  • Run time
  • Specific test / All tests
  • Last X runs
  • Status
  • Browser
  • Result labels
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