Running Incognito is Ideal for those cases when you want to run a test, but also make sure you start from “fresh” on every test run.
This is great when you want to mimic how the test performs on a remote run or via the CLI.

When you run in Incognito:

  • No cookies will be stored (thus, the recorded app won't be affected at future test runs)
  • Log in states won’t be saved
  • Autocomplete options will not be stored for any text fields that were filled.

How to run in Incognito?

  • Make sure Testim extension is allowed in incognito (see further explanation below). 
  • Open a test and click on the options arrow next to the "Run" button
  • Check the option to run in Incognito
  • Choose how you'd like to run the test

For your convenience, the "Run" button is colored in black to indicate that incognito mode is enabled.

Allow Testim to run in Incognito

Testim needs your permission to run tests in Incognito. Follow these steps:

  • Open chrome://extensions (Just type it in your browser or open Chrome menu > More Tools > Extensions)
  • Locate Testim extension and check "Allow in incognito"

Now everything is ready, you can start running your tests Incognito. 

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