Hovering is a manual process and can not be captured automatically.
Add hover step to test the behavior of an element that has hover interaction. For example: a menu that opens only with a hover, a tooltip or appearance of new elements (button, explanation over images etc.).

How to add a hover state?

  • Open the "+" menu, and add a "hover" step by clicking "Add Hover Action":

Now, you'll be asked to select the element you'd like to record its hover state:

Note: If you get the message "To choose an element Open base URL or Run test to relevant step" this means that you must to have your first run the test so you can select a component from within your application.

Once selected, a new hover step is added.

You can also add hover using alt + h during your recording.
This will also enable you adding nested hovers, eg. hovers that depended on each other.  

Adding validations to hovered element

Text Validation:
You can add text validation using alt + v to hover elements.
Before the validation step, you need to add a hover step using one of the previously demonstrated methods.

Element visible validation:
Currently Testim doesn't fully support adding visible validations to hovered elements.
However, you can add those validations with workaround:
Change your app code so any hovered element will stay on mouse out. Then, add step validations the regular way.

Common issues you'll be able to test:

  • Validate if the hovered element appears or not
  • Validate the text on the hovered element
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