Open the Test List

  • Navigate to "Automate" on the top left:

Your list of saved tests contains will be presented:

  • On the left are the test name and a checkbox to select it.
  • On the right, you can see if the result of the last run of the test was success or failure.
  • The will find the test labels next to the run result. More about labels you can find here.

Filter test list

You can filter your checklist by the test name, test labels, test owner or groups it contains.

Filter dropdowns

Use the filter dropdowns to filter by a label, test owner , and/or filter test that uses a specific reusable component (Group/ Custom action/Custom validation/Custom wait for). 

Filter text

The filter textbox is used to search for a test according to name or labels.

You can search by name: Just start typing your test name and the list will be filtered as you type.

You can search by labels. If you've labeled all the tests that still fail with the "Failed" label, you can filter as follows:


and get a list of only the failed tests.

You can also have a complex filter, for example, if you want to get all the tests in the label "sanity" that didn't fail, use this the - modifier:

label:sanity -label:failed
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