During the test run, Testim updates each step with its results, including it's status (passed, of failed), a detailed error message if it failed, how long did it take, and a screenshot of the screen at that specific state. The same thing happens both when you run your test locally in your browser, and when you run it in your CI using the CLI tool.

You can open view the result of each step by double-click it:

Or by open the Properties panel when the step is selected:

In order to see the screenshot of the step, your can either click on the screenshot icon on the step:

Or the screenshot icon when the step is opened:

Both will open this view, with the original step screenshot. In order to view the screenshot of the actual result, click on the "Result" button at the top:

A very useful view is the "Side by Side" view, where you can see both the original expected screenshot, and the actual result screenshot:

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