Start by installing Testim extension

Download Testim Chrome Extension
Once installed, click on Testim extension icon and then "Login to start":

Sign up

Just choose the way you prefer:

Allow access

Welcome aboard!

Now that you are signed in, you can see that a new project was created ("myaccount" in our case).
Your project will include all of your tests.

Let's create your first test!

  • Click on "Start a new test", a new window will be opened.
  • Navigate to a specific site you'd like to test (you can get ideas here).
  • Anything you'll do in this screen will be recorded as a test.

Seeing your test results

  • Just go back to the same window you signed up to Testim from ("Testim Editor").
  • You should see the actions you did in the window you recorded.
  • Stop the recording by clicking on the "Record" icon.

Save your test in the cloud

Click on the "Save" to save your test - Now your test is saved in the "Test list" and we can say "congrats" for creating your first test!


We are here for you!
Don't hesitate to contact us in our chat box, we are there to answer your questions.
Click the chat button in the lower-right corner of the screen, and a Testim representative will help you.

Check out this video for a great first time introduction! Here you'll find a brief overview of different features of and how we use AI based learning to make your tests simpler, smarter, faster and more stable.

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