There are many reasons why you may want to use random data for testing.  You want better coverage without having to write more tests, finding failed cases within specification, distribution of sets of data, or simply so that you're not using same data over and over in your tests.  Whatever the case, we've made it simpler for you by having this feature as an action step.

Generate Random Value Step

How to add

  • Hover over the arrow menu where you want to add your refresh step.
  • Click ‘+’ ⇒ Actions tab ⇒ ‘Generate Random Value’.
  • Open the Properties panel and change the name of your variable. The default name will be "randomValue".
  • You can choose the length of the value.
  • Add a prefix (i.e. "User", then all of the values would start with User: User47, User65, User32).
  • You can select to have the values all characters, all numbers, or mixed alphanumeric.
  • Finally, you can set the scope of the variable with the random value to be Local, Test, or Suite.

You can look at the example test here:

You can also Generate Random Values with custom actions and test data. See this doc for examples.

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