You can use the CLI action step to perform queries and run validations on MySQL database.

Example code:

const dbName = "XXXXX";
const userName = "XXXXX";
const password = "XXXXX";
const host = "XXXXX";
const port = XXXXX;

const sequelize = new Sequelize(dbName, userName, password, {
  dialect: "mysql",

return sequelize
  .query("SELECT name FROM myTable where id = 1;", {
    plain: true,
    raw: true,
    type: Sequelize.QueryTypes.SELECT
  .then(myTableRows => {
    const result = myTableRows && JSON.stringify(myTableRows);
    console.log("Query result", result);
    if (!myTableRows || !== expectedValue) {
      return Promise.reject(new Error("Failed to find raw"));

Parameters - Packages and JavaScript used in this example:

  1. name: Sequelize, type: Package, value: sequelize@latest
  2. name: mysql2, type: Package, value: mysql2@latest
  3. name: expectedValue, type: JavaScript, value: "fdssdf dfdf"

see screenshot:

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