In order to integrate your tests with VSTS/TFS, first you need to have docker installed on the VSTS/TFS agent.

Now, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Build page

    2. Create a new build

    3. Select your repository 

    4. Select empty job

    5. Add task 

    6. Add Docker task

    7. Select Action: Run a Docker command

    8. Set the Command with the appropriate parameters, as described in the CLI page.          Here is the basic command template.

run --rm -v $(Build.BinariesDirectory):/opt/testim-runner testim/docker-cli --token <TOKEN> --project <PROJECT-ID> --grid <GRID-NAME> --report-file /opt/testim-runner/testim-sanity-$(Build.BuildId)-report.xml

 Note:  For the grid name, read here how to set up your grid.

    9. In order for VSTS/TFS to store, analyze and show the results, we generate a  
        standard JUnitXMLReporter XML file.
        For VSTS/TFS to use the file you need to add a Publish Test Results task

    10. Select Test result format: JUnit 

    11. Set the Test results files value, according to the "report-file" parameter in
         section 8 and set the 

    12. Set the Search folder $(Build.BinariesDirectory)

    13. Save the build settings

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