To use a pixel comparison you will need to set up your Applitools account in Testim.
This document will guide you how to do that step by step.
Make sure your Testim plan includes Applitools integration. 

Applitools Integration

In Applitools:

  1. Create a new account in Applitools or get credentials to an existing account.
  2. Login to Applitools.
  3. Click on the main menu icon at the top right of the window and choose the "Admin" option.
  4. Click on "API Keys" and create a new key.
  5. Permissions : please check the "Execute" and "Merge" options.
  6. Create the key and copy it.

In Testim:

  1. Go to Settings Page by clicking the Gear Icon on the left menu. 
  2. Click Integration tab.
  3. Copy and paste the following details from Applitools tab:
    Applitools application base URL  
    The Key you created in Applitools (paste same key in both Merge and Run Key)
  4. Click Connect button.

A green V mark should appear. Now you can start using Pixel Validation and Pixel Wait-for steps.

Now that you are done, go check our doc about Pixel Validation and Pixel Wait-for and start using your new features.

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