The "Result Labels" allows you to add textual labels to your remote runs.
On the "Suite Runs" and "Test runs" pages, you can easily filter your runs by choosing a result label.

Result labels can be used for a variety of options, such as:

  • Which application environment was tested.
  • Which application version was tested.
  • Which user executed the run.
  • Is it a CI/CD system run.

Some examples: “nightly-scheduler”, “v1.42.34”, “Jenkins”, "Troubleshooting", "Staging".

Adding result labels

To add a label to the run, use the following parameter in your CLI::

--result-label "nightly Jenkins run"

Read more about running CLI here. 


  • You can add as many result labels to a CLI command as needed :
--result-label "nightly Jenkins run" --result-label "v1.42.35"
  • A result label can't exceed 250 characters
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