In the Project Settings, you can modify its name and  the base URL which will appear in every new test. You can also copy your project CLI and add hidden parameters.

Project Name

To change your project name, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to "Project Setting" page.
  • Hover the project name.
  • Click "edit" (pencil icon) .
  • Edit your project name.

Base URL

The base URL is used as the default URL when creating new tests.

To change the base URL, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to "Project Setting" page.
  • Hover the base URL.
  • Click "edit" (pencil icon) .
  • Edit the URL. 

Running tests via CLI

One of the options to run your tests remotely can be done by running the CLI.
You can find here the basic CLI of your project. This CLI already includes the parameters of your token and project ID.
On the grid  drop down you can choose one of the grids defined in your project, it will update the CLI accordingly.

Read here on how to configure new grids.
Read here on how to run CLI and different parameter options. 

If the CLI command is blocked, your current plan does not support it.
Contact us to learn how to enable this.

Hidden parameters

This option allows you to hide parameter values sent to Testim so that they will not be displayed in the test result.
Read here to learn all about hidden parameters. 

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