The reporting tools will allow you to see the quality of your project over a specific period of time. The reports comprises information about the number of runs, how many were successful, which tests are active which are the most flaky that require your team's attention and how these key performance indicators perform over time.

You can also find information about your team's activity, including:

  • How many new tests were authored?
  • How many tests have been updated?
  • How many are active (run)?
  • What were the duration of the test runs?

You will receive a weekly summary via email, but you can also see all the information in real-time inside the Testim Editor.

Let's start digging into it.

Where to find the reports

  1. Navigate to "Runs", and then to "Reports" tab.
  2. You will get a weekly report directly to your email. 

Note: Only project owners and company owners will have permissions to the reports and can get weekly reports.

Tests run results

Passed run results

Test run is defined as single execution of a single test with specific parameters and a specific browser.

  • Percentage of test runs that pass during the selected period.
  • Number of tests that passed out of the total number of tests that were run.
  • Number of suites that passed out of the total number of suites that  were run.
  • Percentage changed compared to previous period.

Note: Each test run is counted separately, i.e. a single CLI run can comprise several test suites, each leading to several test runs.

Active tests

Active test is defined as a test that ran at least one time in the selected period. 

  • Number of active tests during the selected period. 
  • Percentage changed compared to previous period.

Average duration

Test run duration is defined as the running time for one run of a single test.

  • Average duration of a test run during the selected period.
  • Percentage changed compared to previous period.

Your team activity

Here you see:

  • The number of new tests authored, compared to the previous period.
  • The number of new tests that were updated, compared to the previous period.

Broken Tests

This section presents the 3 most failed tests in the selected period.
Clicking on each item will lead you to the test run page to see all the failed runs for that specific test.

Clicking "Show All Tests" button will display the list of all failed tests during this period, sorted according to the number of failed runs.

Note: If the test ran less than 5 times in the selected period, it will not be displayed in this list.

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