Over the recent months many of our customers asked for our guidance and building their test suites properly. Performance, ease of management and scalability were key priorities for them. We decided to share our suggestions with the broader audience.

We came up with the list while building our own test suite. Since we strongly believe in dogfooding, Testim is tested using Testim. We also learned a lot working with a variety of companies from small startups to large enterprises.

Rule 1: Prioritize

Rule 2: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Rule 3: Create Structured, Single-Purpose Tests

Rule 4: Tests’ Initial State Should Always be Consistent

Rule 5: Compose Complex Tests from Simple Steps

Rule 6: Add Validations in Turnover Points

Rule 7: No Sleep to Improve Stability

Rule 8: Use a Minimum Two Levels of Abstractions

Rule 9: Reduce the Occurrences of Conditions

Rule 10: Write Independent and Isolated Tests

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