Testim provides an organization structure, where a company comprises a list of projects, and a list of users. In this article, we will explain how to manage those lists.

Project List

In this company page, the default is the "projects" tab, a user will see the list of all the projects he’s a member of. Clicking on a project will open that project.

Note: the last project is the usage examples, a read only project, which is used throughout the docs to help new users get to know how to use Testim.

Team List

Navigating to the "Team" tab, will list all company users. 

Adding Users

Any one can invite other company users, but one can only give them access to those projects he has access too. This is done via the "Add user" button, and typing their email address. Use the Space key or commas between email addresses. Those users are added immediately in "pending mode" and the user will get an email inviting them to activating his account.

Removing users

This done by hovering a specific user and clicking the "trash" icon.

Changing Company Owner and Project Owners

A company owner can use the team tab to assign/replace owners of existing projects. A project owner can assign/replace owners for the current projects he owns. Only a team member who is subscribed and active in the system can be assigned as an owner.

Navigating Between Companies and Projects

Navigating Between Companies

If you are a member or multiple companies you can use the dropdown shown when hovering on the company logo (top left corner) to navigate between companies.

Navigating Between Projects

You have two options:

  • In the company page. Click a project
  • When inside a project, use the dropdown shown when hovering over the project name

Changing Company Name

When in the company page, hover over the company name (top left corner) and click the edit icon.

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