Start by installing Testim extension

Download Testim Chrome Extension
Once installed, click on Testim extension icon and then "Login to start":

Sign up

Just choose the way you prefer:

Allow access

Welcome aboard!

Now that you are signed in, you can see that a new project was created ("myaccount" in our case).
Your project will include all of your tests.

Let's create your first test!

  • Click on "Start a new test", a new window will be opened.
  • Navigate to a specific site you'd like to test (you can get ideas here).
  • Anything you'll do in this screen will be recorded as a test.

Seeing your test results

  • Just go back to the same window you signed up to Testim from ("Testim Editor").
  • You should see the actions you did in the window you recorded.
  • Stop the recording by clicking on the "Record" icon.

Save your test in the cloud

Click on the "Save" to save your test - Now your test is saved in the "Test list" and we can say "congrats" for creating your first test! 

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